About Larry Smiley

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1951, Larry majored in art in High School
and junior college. In l972 he graduated from Cuyahoga Community College
with an associate in Arts degree. After college, he pursued an intersest
in photography. In 1979 he returned to the field of painting to
illustrate his dreams,correlations, and other metaphysical observations.
Stylistically his heroes / mentors include surrealists Victor Brauner,
Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Paul Klee. Other inspirations came through
William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Breugal the elder, and Egyptian art.
Of course before being introduced to the formal world of art, Larry was
introduced to art via childrens golden books and comic books and

As a statement of purpose, Larry has this to say: "My art isn't about
rendering an exact photographic image. My Paintings are more like short
stories in a single frame. I tend to create smaller, simpler works for
practical and intrinsic reasons. Smaller works take less time to create,
are more easily mobile, and are affordable to less wealthy clientel. I
can usually get my idea/ story across in a smaller work. Most of my
paintings were done between 1979 and 1984, but I've begun to paint again.
I hope that a younger audience might like the art that was overlooked by
galleries in the l980's."

Larry has had his work shown at Spaces in Cleveland,the Jewish Community
Center, Trumbull Art Guild, the Valley Art Center (in Chagrin falls, Ohio,)
and the now-defunct Bauhaus in Akron. Larry has also shown work regularly
at the Peoples' Art Show at Cleveland State University. He also donates
art to WVIZ auction, Spaces fund raiser, and John Kerry Art Auction.

Besides painting and photography, Larry also creates electonic based
music compositions in a home studio. He has two CDs available from
CDBABY.com under the name "SMILING EYE". In 1981, he released a 45
rpm record with a booklet titled "Voice of the Planet" under the name
SMILEY. (see gallery)

Anyone wishing to know more about the inspiration behind each painting,
or to arrange for a purchase, or to comment may E-mail Larry at:

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